Emotional shapes

Experimental Formgiving of Visual Information

This was an app design aimed at sharing your emotional state with your closest friends, using only shapes and dynamic elements. With a group of five students we researched how we could apply these dynamic elements to express emotions. After two user studies the final design is the result on the right:


Enthousiast: the white circles would bounce up and down.
Fine: the circles pulsate quickly in an upward motion to communicate a positive feeling.

Could be better: This is a complex one, so the movement of the cicles is also complex. They move in groups of two to the spot of others and fuse together in place in a downward an slow manner.

Bored: The circles move downward in a slow manner.
Nervous: This one was the easiest, the circles shudder from left to right in a fast movement.

Ill: The circles fade away and move in random directions in a slow pace, representing an ill person being slow and losing color.

Mad: This is an aggressive emotion, so the movement of the circles is also aggressive and downward.


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