Icarus Excel e-reader redesign

In this project the Icarus Excel e-reader was redesigned based on two extensive user tests.

The first user test was aimed at assessing the design faults made in the original design. Then after redesigning the hardware and software interface, the second user test was done to assess if the redesign improved compared to the original.

The interface consists of two visually distinguishable modes: reading mode and working mode. Reading mode is minimalistic and unobtrusively white, while the working mode is black. In work mode the user is able to select text with the pen and export/annotate/save it.

Aims of the concept

  • Versatile e-reading like never before
  • Clearer indication of pure reading mode Better distinction between read & work Toolbars help improving battery life Better symbolism of functions
  • Favorite work tool in just one click
    For left and right handed people
    Pen with better grip and attachment to device First time usage info

Making the most out of E-Ink

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