ParkApp – Parking for disabled

This was a project for the course Exploring Interactions, one of the main courses of the Design For Interaction master at the IDE faculty.

Exploring Interactions is a design project within the Master Design for Interaction. In one semester, I have analyzed and designed for human-product interaction: the way people use, understand, and experience products and situations. The goal was to design an innovative experiential interaction scenario for specific people and situations, exemplified through a product concept, service, environment or any combination of these. I have chosen to design for disabled people in this project.

Throughout the project, I have explored the interplay between disabled people and products: the abilities, concerns and practices of disabled people, and the properties and behavior of products, within a specified situation or location: parking in a big city(Rotterdam).

The final design

The final design consists of a system using an app and interactive parking spots. The user can use the app to book a parking spot beforehand. At the chosen parking spot there is a interactive sign that will communicate to everyone passing by the current and upcoming state of the parking spot. By letting the user book a parking spot beforehand, I believe the user will be more motivated to do activities in the city by themselves. At the moment are disabled persons very dependent on others for doing activities in the city, since parking can be a significant chore.

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