Phone data dashboard – Roger365 redesign

When I started working at Ask Roger! I soon realised our web based call data dashboard was in need of a visual redesign.

The tool consists of a in house developed web based dashboard which translates data gathered about incoming and outgoing calls on a Cisco Callmanager platform. The main benefit for our clients is the added insight into their calling behavior with their clients. This enables them to adjust their support planning based on peak load of calls. Additionally it enables our clients to work with Key Performance Indicators for their employees as a feedback mechanism, which helps them increase employee productivity and much more transparent coaching based on concrete data of their performance.

When I started this project the tool looked like this:

The challenges

  1. How do we redesign the tool to increase sales performance and marketability of the tool?
  2. How do we improve the UX within a short timeframe

My proposed changes to the design:

  • Creation and use of corporate identity within the UI/UX
  • Changes to increase usability on mobile devices, increased button sizes for mobile.
  • Restructuring of how data infrastructure is built up in sitemap based on input of my persona’s and user journey work.

The main learning point from this project:

  • Being the spider in the web This was my first project where I was responsible for aligning the resources available within our development team and the requirements set by our clients and our sales team. Proposing design changes based on feedback from user tests proved to be a challenge, especially when our sales team did not agree. Finding compromises between what was achievable for our development team within the set time available for the project was challenging as well. Sometimes this resulted in missing deadlines or working late and in weekends to reach them.
  • Defending the importance of user tests and UX Many stakeholders do not care about UX, as long as the design looks good they are fine with it.

The redesign of the login screen:

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