ToastAR for Mobile App for iOS and Android

When I started working at Ask Roger one of my first assignments was to create an international recognisable branding for our main product: ToastAR. I delivered the blue on white logo and website: Another assignment was to create a design for the mobile version of the application.

The tool consists of a desktop application for windows which integrates client data from a CRM appplication, to be shown during incoming phonecalls or chats via Skype for Business. The main benefit being able to greet clients by name and preventing the necessity to lookup relevant client data.

At the end of 2016 we started to research possible ways to deliver a better proposition for the ToastAR product. We realised employees want to be able to work on the go more, especially in roles as sales or accountmanagement. After initial research internally and at two of our clients we confirmed our ideas.

The challenge: We wanted to provide relationship data from the CRM to employees on mobile devices whenever they are called on their business phone number/Skype for Business phone number while they are on the go.

In june 2017 we started designing the app and at the same time building the iOS and Android app frameworks. In december 2017 we finished building the app and launched them in appstores.

The value the app provides to users is as following:

  • You are able to look up contact information of a client from whitin your CRM.
  • You can call the client with the phone number found with search, using either your mobile phone number or using the Skype for Business app for iOS or Android.
  • You can look up recent calls made to and from your business phone number, providing you better insight in your call history.

The main things I learned in this project.

  • Featurecreep: When building an app, you need to prevent to add too much features to soon to the application. You will otherwise end up delaying the launch of the app indefinetly.
  • Timing: Functionally, this application needed a internet connection to a central server. Timing wise this proved to be a challenge to get the timing right of the notification. You need to recieve the notification with customer data within a relatively small amount of time after you recieve the call. Together with our developers we found a solution.

You can try the app in InVision here

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