June 2018 – June 2019

UX Designer at Nationale Nederlanden

November 2015 – April 2018

Product & Marketing Manager at Ask Roger!

February 2015 – October 2015

Graduation intern at Ask Roger!

September 2014 – February 2015

Joint Master Project for Senz Umbrellas

September 2013 – February 2014

Cross Media Interaction Design – Appdesign for Selexyz bookstore in Rotterdam

November 2010 – November 2015

Service employee at Pathé cinemas, Delft


2013 – 2015

Master Design for Interaction at the Delft University of Technology

Semester in 2013

Minor Software Design at the Delft University of Technology

2009 – 2013

Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology

2003 – 2009

VWO at the Christelijk Lyceum de Goudse Waarden, Gouda. Profile Nature and Technology with elective in economics.

Work experience

Interactive prototyping and programming Arduino mini computers

For my graduation project I programmed multiple Arduino computers to communicate wirelessly via radio frequencies to prototype a wearable concept.

Modifying high end headphones

As a hobby I like to tweak and build modifications for headphones based on the Grado Brand. I have managed to replicate one of their high end models at a fraction of the cost, and learned a lot about woodworking in the process.



Dutch and English

Product designing

Designing physical and digital products, services and apps.

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

Adobe suite, inDesign Illustrator and Photoshop I apply to create visual work. Ranging from logos, brands, banners, flyers, businesscards, promo’s, reports to layouts for websites to name a few.

Interactive Webdesign

Wireframing and designing websites.


I have designed and co-managed the development process of the: ToastAR for Mobile iOS and Android app.

Web management for WordPress

Two years experience with WordPress based websites.


Two years experience with writing blogs for business purposes related to IT.


Creating and giving presentations.

Product photography

Product photography and atmospheric imagery.

Film and editing video

Filming and editing product and conceptvideos.


  • 10 years experience working on a Mac, using iWork suite.
  • 8 years experience with Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign.
  • Two years experience with Office365: Word, PowerPoint en Excel.
  • Two years experience with Sketch and Marvel for UI, UX design purposes


Basis skills with coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Drivers licence

B (Car)

What interests me


I find the way in which Apple, as a brand and company, profile itself, is fascinating. I find the unprecedented passion for design, user friendliness and eye for detail admirable.


I enjoy coffee culture, from roasting my own beans, acquiring the skills needed to be able to brew a perfect brew, to finding the gear that fits my needs. I do not hesitate to put in the extra effort to create a better tasting cup. I enjoy french press, aeropress and espresso based coffee most, although I like to brew milk based drinks as well.


My passion for reading books started with the Harry Potter series in 2002. Since then I have built up a decent collection from many different genres, but my preference is in fantasy and science fiction. One of the reasons I like reading is how I can get engrossed within the world the author created.

My top 3
1. A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
2. 1984 – George Orwell
3. The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss


Music has been a passion ever since I have been able to listen to portable players. Which started with CD players, mp3 players to my first iPod nano in 2005. I love movies and tv series, one of the reasons I worked for so long as an usher at Pathé Cinemas during my time at university.

Audio and headphones

Connected to my passion for music is my interest in high end audio gear. I discovered the relevant subreddits for audiophiles and headphones.