This blog is written by Vincent van der Toorn. I am a Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering, specialized in Design of Interaction.

My general interests are fairly broad, I am into design, interface design, and graphic design. At the same time I like to prototype, research into human psychology for using and experiencing products and how they interact with these products.

I work at Ask Roger!, a software developer / Computer Telephony specialist into Microsoft and Cisco products. This is my first job after graduating after performing my graduation internship at this company.

My specific interests are Apple, Raspberry Pi, Hifi and headphones. I like to roast my own coffee and enjoy an espresso now and then.

This website has two main functions, one being a centralized reference for interesting projects I have done, otherwise known as a portfolio. Two, my blog I can personalize and customize to my liking.

On this blog you might expect posts about:

  • Headphones impressions and mods
  • Mechanical keyboards impressions, mods and reviews
  • Coffee roasting experiences
  • Apple related reviews
  • The books I have read
  • Other interesting tidbits I deem interesting

You can find me on twitter, linkedin, Goodreads

Or you can contact me directly via email