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New beans!

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Waiting for Muse

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UX Designers are the Marie Kondo of user interfaces.

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My mobile setup

At work we have flexworking desks with subpar monitors. I wanted to use my Macs’ internal screen instead.

Setup used:
- 15” 2015 MacBook Pro
- Cricket laptop stand
- HHKB Pro 2 keyboard with Hasu bluetooth controller
- Logitech MX Master mouse

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08/05/2019, 05:34

📚Currently reading: GRIP - Rick Pastoor

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15/04/2019, 07:55

I really enjoyed this read, really inspiring to see how teams at Apple design and develop their products like the iPhone during the reign of Steve Jobs.

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Initial impressions Keytron

At the moment I work as a UX designer at a large corporate in an open office. I was looking for a TKL, wireless and with a Mac layout. Along came Keytron on Kickstarter.

My initial impressions of the board are positive. It uses some kind of flat blue key switches, I am not sure what kind.

Typing feels like you would expect, although I have some issues feeling the correct actuation point. As a result I tend to bottom out a lot. The click sound is loud enough for me. I would not bring it to a library.

The design of the board is above expectation. I like the industrial build with the dark grey metal plate, it fits well with my aluminium MacBook Pro or iPad. It has a decent weight, which gives it a premium experience carrying it.

Features wise it is a bit of a mixed bag. The USP they promoted most was the dedicated Siri/Cortana key. But it does not support iOS/Android! The bluetooth connection is stable and supports up to three devices. the RGB backlighting is nice but not used much. I enjoy the dedicated media keys, which are supported by MacOS and iOS, especially the media keys are useful.

The board was 75 euros for the board itself, but they forgot to add around 30 euros import fees. So in total it came to 105 euros, which comes down to 120 dollars.

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15/01/2019, 13:03

The Keytron keyboard I backed on Kickstarter came in today!

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