I am experimenting with #pourover #coffee. This one is available at IKEA for €20! Tastes good so far. ☕️

Today was my last day at my first job after university. Sadly I haven’t found the next job yet. Onto the next challenge!

Blogging is most certainly not dead

I recently discovered Jason Kottke via The Talkshow with John Gruber. In his most recent post about blogging:

A few weeks ago, I asked the readers of the Noticing newsletter to send in links to their blogs and newsletters (or to their favorite blogs and newsletters written by others). And boy, did they! I pared the submissions list down to a representative sample and sent it out as last week’s newsletter. – Jason Kottke


In his blog he links to a lot of interesting blogs, I recommend you to check these out.

Today I discovered the ‘Alchem’ wordpress theme is incompatible with micro.blog, so I moved to ‘independent publisher’ and it works again.