Coffee is fantastic. In 21 May 2015 I discovered the subreddit /r/coffee where I discovered the beautiful world of coffee.

There are a couple basic principles when it comes to coffee:

  • The taste of the coffee is very much dependent on the origin and processing methods of the bean.
  • The age of the bean after the roast date influences the taste, longer than 1 month old after roasting generally is bad.
  • Most coffees in the supermarket are sub par, since they are in most cases older than one month, you're better off at local coffee roasters.
  • The roast depends which type of coffee brew method fits best.

I have been visiting local roasters and prices are no joke. This has led me to look into home roasting coffee beans. After a bit of research I discovered the popcorn popper method as a relatively cheap and low effort method for trying it at home.

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