My NN insurance product redesign

According to data from the callcenter, customers where asking lots of questions they should be able to find the answer to in their My NN account.


We realized customers could not find the information they wanted to find within their insurance product page in their My NN account. This led to a significant amount of calls to the callcenter, which led to high cost. By redesigning the flow, we could reduce cost and improve the user experience.



A persona I created to communicate the users needs to stakeholders.

The challenge

The insurance product consists of a package, and within there are insurance products. Even if there is only one insurance, you get a package. This was a constraint I had to work with. We also discovered a commercial opportunity to offer adding additional insurance products with one or two clicks. the result is the following flow and scope for the project:


The result

After finishing Wireframing, I used components from the NN design system to quickly get a realistic looking design in Sketch. In Invision I created a clickable prototype, which we used to test the design with five users. The insights from the test I used to further improve the design, with the following result.


Wireframe of the package page

While wireframing, I use two strategies.

  1. Low fidelity sketches on whiteboards with stakeholders to look for promising design directions
  2. High fidelity in Sketchapp to see how actual copy will fit and how call to actions will be named.

User testing

During the user test we discovered the following:

  1. 4 out of 5 appreciated the 'add insurance' functionality
  2. The package discount is appriciated but not interesting enough to convince actually add more insurance.

The solution

We discovered what kind of information the users were actually looking for and restructured the page accordingly on two levels, the package level and product level. Information offering to much detail is moved to deeper product detail pages. Action links are moved closer to relevant information. We wanted to experiment with gamified cross selling, with one or two clicks the user can see how much it will cost to add another insurance.

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