Mortgage Insight 

Customers of Nationale-Nederlanden could not get a total overview of their mortgage situation within their My NN account. I researched the user and designed a flow and page how this can be achieved.


The Challenge

Mortgages are complex products. The challenge was to communicate clearly to the client what their situation is, and what they could do to improve it. The caveat: our data on the current value of the house can be old and inaccurate. Therefore we need to offer a way to see how another value will impact your situation. Whenever a new value has a positive impact, we should offer a way to upload the necessary documentation.

We started with whiteboarding with domain experts, to get to know what we could build and what the constraints are. This led to the basic flow and scope of the project.



The solution

We wanted to offer the user a clear and concise insight in to their mortgage situation, and what can be done to improve it. To explore solutions I started wireframing and presenting these wireframes to stakeholders, after multiple iterations we got to a point where it could be user tested. I built a clickable prototype in Invision using components from the NN design system and designed new components when necessary.

Hypotheekinzicht wireframes


Sadly I am not allowed to show my wireframes in great detail just yet. So let me tell you about my approach:

  1. Low fidelity - Focus on readability, scanability and center of attention
  2. Medium fidelity - Focus on using real copy and aligning this with stakeholders.

When wireframing is done, I apply components from the NN design system sketch file to create a close to reality clickable prototype in Invision.


User testing

Running a usability test with the team.

During the test we discovered the following:

  • Overall the initial design was experienced as confusing.
  • Some terms used in the interface were not clear and in need of explanation.
  • Three of five found themselves not confident enough to make changes without help from a financial advisor. They wanted to discuss their mortgage situation with an advisor before making any big changes.

The result

From the user test we acquired clear insights into how users see their mortgage situation. We realized we offered them too much and too complex information at once, and decided to further simplify the interface design with the following as a result:


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