Finally it's here! I've been waiting for the 1070 for a month now, and it has been the delaying factor for this build from the start. It feels unreal to finally be able to say I've finished the build. Before the GPU got delivered I had been playing on either my MacBook Pro (2012 retina version with a 650m) or on this build but with a GTX 650 I could lend from my sister in law. I need to stress test this build to see how my temps are holding up, but so far there is no need to overclock just yet. Monitor wise I'd like to hookup a 1080p 144Hz/1440p 60Hz/4k monitor eventually, for now I'm enjoying a slightly overkill situation on my 1080p 60hz monitor.


If you buy cheaper fans and buy a cheaper SSD you can probably buy a GTX1080 instead of a GTX1070. Captain hindsight, eh?

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