Apple Watch app concept for hard of hearing students

This was a conceptdesign as a result from my graduation project in 2015. I designed an app concept used via smartwatches to communicate nonverbally within teams, of which one teammember is hard of hearing. The goal was to increase engagement of the hard of hearing participant and improve understanding of the hearing group members about the involvement of the hard of hearing student into the group discussions.

Phone data dashboard – Roger365 redesign

When I started working at Ask Roger! I soon realised our web based call data dashboard was in need of a visual redesign.

The tool consists of a in house developed web based dashboard which translates data gathered about incoming and outgoing calls on a Cisco Callmanager platform. The main benefit for our clients is the added insight into their calling behavior with their clients. This enables them to adjust their support planning based on peak load of calls. Additionally it enables our clients to work with Key Performance Indicators for their employees as a feedback mechanism, which helps them increase employee productivity and much more transparent coaching based on concrete data of their performance.

When I started this project the tool looked like this:

The challenges

  1. How do we redesign the tool to increase sales performance and marketability of the tool?
  2. How do we improve the UX within a short timeframe

My proposed changes to the design:

  • Creation and use of corporate identity within the UI/UX
  • Changes to increase usability on mobile devices, increased button sizes for mobile.
  • Restructuring of how data infrastructure is built up in sitemap based on input of my persona’s and user journey work.

The main learning point from this project:

  • Being the spider in the web This was my first project where I was responsible for aligning the resources available within our development team and the requirements set by our clients and our sales team. Proposing design changes based on feedback from user tests proved to be a challenge, especially when our sales team did not agree. Finding compromises between what was achievable for our development team within the set time available for the project was challenging as well. Sometimes this resulted in missing deadlines or working late and in weekends to reach them.
  • Defending the importance of user tests and UX Many stakeholders do not care about UX, as long as the design looks good they are fine with it.

The redesign of the login screen:

ToastAR for Mobile App for iOS and Android

When I started working at Ask Roger one of my first assignments was to create an international recognisable branding for our main product: ToastAR. I delivered the blue on white logo and website: Another assignment was to create a design for the mobile version of the application.

The tool consists of a desktop application for windows which integrates client data from a CRM appplication, to be shown during incoming phonecalls or chats via Skype for Business. The main benefit being able to greet clients by name and preventing the necessity to lookup relevant client data.

At the end of 2016 we started to research possible ways to deliver a better proposition for the ToastAR product. We realised employees want to be able to work on the go more, especially in roles as sales or accountmanagement. After initial research internally and at two of our clients we confirmed our ideas.

The challenge: We wanted to provide relationship data from the CRM to employees on mobile devices whenever they are called on their business phone number/Skype for Business phone number while they are on the go.

In june 2017 we started designing the app and at the same time building the iOS and Android app frameworks. In december 2017 we finished building the app and launched them in appstores.

The value the app provides to users is as following:

  • You are able to look up contact information of a client from whitin your CRM.
  • You can call the client with the phone number found with search, using either your mobile phone number or using the Skype for Business app for iOS or Android.
  • You can look up recent calls made to and from your business phone number, providing you better insight in your call history.

The main things I learned in this project.

  • Featurecreep: When building an app, you need to prevent to add too much features to soon to the application. You will otherwise end up delaying the launch of the app indefinetly.
  • Timing: Functionally, this application needed a internet connection to a central server. Timing wise this proved to be a challenge to get the timing right of the notification. You need to recieve the notification with customer data within a relatively small amount of time after you recieve the call. Together with our developers we found a solution.

You can try the app in InVision here

Productbranding – ToastAR

This logo is the main part of a branding designed for Ask Rogers ToastAR. This product consists of a in house developed software, integrating CRM data with computer telephony integration solutions such as Skype for Business / Lync or Cisco Jabber. This CRM data is shown in a ‘toast’ during incoming calls, hence the name ToastA(sk)R(oger).

This video is another part of the branding I made for the ToastAR product. I made the website as well.

Together the branding consisted of:

  • Logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website (wordpress based)
  • Animation videos explaining the product

Emotional shapes

Experimental Formgiving of Visual Information

This was an app design aimed at sharing your emotional state with your closest friends, using only shapes and dynamic elements. With a group of five students we researched how we could apply these dynamic elements to express emotions. After two user studies the final design is the result on the right:


Enthousiast: the white circles would bounce up and down.
Fine: the circles pulsate quickly in an upward motion to communicate a positive feeling.

Could be better: This is a complex one, so the movement of the cicles is also complex. They move in groups of two to the spot of others and fuse together in place in a downward an slow manner.

Bored: The circles move downward in a slow manner.
Nervous: This one was the easiest, the circles shudder from left to right in a fast movement.

Ill: The circles fade away and move in random directions in a slow pace, representing an ill person being slow and losing color.

Mad: This is an aggressive emotion, so the movement of the circles is also aggressive and downward.


The Wub Wub

The wub wub robot is an interactive prototype for the course Interactive Technology Design. My contribution was mainly the programming of the Arduinos to reach the desired interaction.


Icarus Excel e-reader redesign

In this project the Icarus Excel e-reader was redesigned based on two extensive user tests.

The first user test was aimed at assessing the design faults made in the original design. Then after redesigning the hardware and software interface, the second user test was done to assess if the redesign improved compared to the original.

The interface consists of two visually distinguishable modes: reading mode and working mode. Reading mode is minimalistic and unobtrusively white, while the working mode is black. In work mode the user is able to select text with the pen and export/annotate/save it.

Aims of the concept

  • Versatile e-reading like never before
  • Clearer indication of pure reading mode Better distinction between read & work Toolbars help improving battery life Better symbolism of functions
  • Favorite work tool in just one click
    For left and right handed people
    Pen with better grip and attachment to device First time usage info

Making the most out of E-Ink

ParkApp – Parking for disabled

This was a project for the course Exploring Interactions, one of the main courses of the Design For Interaction master at the IDE faculty.

Exploring Interactions is a design project within the Master Design for Interaction. In one semester, I have analyzed and designed for human-product interaction: the way people use, understand, and experience products and situations. The goal was to design an innovative experiential interaction scenario for specific people and situations, exemplified through a product concept, service, environment or any combination of these. I have chosen to design for disabled people in this project.

Throughout the project, I have explored the interplay between disabled people and products: the abilities, concerns and practices of disabled people, and the properties and behavior of products, within a specified situation or location: parking in a big city(Rotterdam).

The final design

The final design consists of a system using an app and interactive parking spots. The user can use the app to book a parking spot beforehand. At the chosen parking spot there is a interactive sign that will communicate to everyone passing by the current and upcoming state of the parking spot. By letting the user book a parking spot beforehand, I believe the user will be more motivated to do activities in the city by themselves. At the moment are disabled persons very dependent on others for doing activities in the city, since parking can be a significant chore.